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Substance Abuse Center

If you’re considering going to a substance abuse center, the very fact that you’re considering it probably means that you should find one that can help you. Most areas have several you can choose from, especially if you’re paying the fee yourself. If you have insurance that helps to pay, you may have to go to the substance abuse center that they choose.
You shouldn’t let this discourage you. If you’re ready to stop drinking or using drugs, even if you have to go to a facility that you wouldn’t choose if you had the money to pay for one yourself, going to any facility gives you a much better chance of being able to stay off drugs or alcohol in the long run.
A substance abuse center usually has several different programs. There may be one for alcohol, one for illegal drugs, and one for prescription drugs. The drug programs may be separated by types of drugs like opiates and stimulants, or the programs may be separated by specific drugs, like special programs for those addicted to cocaine that are separate from those addicted to pain killers or methamphetamines.
The more specific the programs in a substance abuse center, the more likely they are to help people struggling with addictions. You’d be in group sessions with people who are struggling with the same cravings and feelings you are. While no two addictions are exactly the same, there are a number of things all addicts have in common. And discussing those and sharing them with others in the same situation can be surprisingly helpful.
This is why groups like Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous help so many people. While there’s no medical treatment involved, the talk therapy of listening to the stories of other people who are going through the same things and then sharing your story can give you the feeling that you’re not alone and that others have been where you are and overcome their addictions. Group therapy at a substance abuse center succeeds on those same principles.
The biggest benefit of entering into treatment at a substance abuse center is the ability to get through the detox period successfully. Detox refers to the first few days after you stop using the substance you’re addicted to, whether that’s alcohol or a drug. Often, people are addicted to both, or a combination of different drugs. When you stop using these substances, your body reacts and you can suffer mild to severe symptoms of withdrawal.
These symptoms are what keep most people addicted. Withdrawal can be so upsetting and uncomfortable that even the most determined person may give in and use the substance again just to make the feelings, both mental and physical, stop. But if you’re staying at a substance abuse center during this period, they have medications to help with the physical symptoms and counseling to help with the intense feelings you may experience. People who go through detox at a substance abuse center at least get over the hump of withdrawal and are in a better position to continue with their treatment free of alcohol and drugs.

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