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How do you know which addiction treatment center is right for you?

How do you know which addiction treatment center is right for you? This can be a difficult choice, especially since the cost of in-patient treatment can be quite high. If you’re seeking an addiction treatment center, you may first want to consider the type of addiction you have. A facility that focuses on your addition, whether it’s to alcohol or a drug or both, may be the best option. They’re in a particular place to help you with your specific needs if they focus solely on what you need help with.
If your addiction is to alcohol, find an addiction treatment center that focuses on alcohol or at least has a separate program for alcohol. That’s not to say that you can’t have success with a general addiction treatment program. Many people do. Very often, the facilities will have a general addiction program but counsel people separately which can help deal with the specifics of their particular addictions. But you may be in group counseling and therapy with people who have different addictions.
If you’re entering for alcohol, you may be in group therapy with someone addicted to methamphetamines or someone addicted to cocaine. The group could contain people addicted to several different substances including some other alcoholics. If that doesn’t make you uncomfortable and you think you may benefit enough from the one on one counseling that focuses on your specific addiction, then you may benefit from such an addiction treatment center.
Some people simply do better when they’re surrounded by other people going through the exact same thing. A person who’s addicted to cocaine or meth has a different experience that an alcoholic or someone addicted to another drug. While addiction itself gives you all a certain amount of common feelings and experiences, each case is very different. This is true even among people who are addicted to the same thing. No two alcoholics or cocaine addicts are going to experience the addiction exactly the same, which is where one on one counseling comes into play.
Still, if you can find an addiction treatment center that solely focuses on your addiction or has a special program just for those with your addiction, you’re probably more likely to succeed. This is because that center will have more experience in helping people with your addiction, and experience does count.
An addiction treatment center that’s new isn’t necessarily one with no experience. Much depends on the doctors and staff that work there. They may have years of experience helping people overcome addictions but in different facilities and programs. You should look into the backgrounds and histories of the people who will be treating you before you decide on which treatment center you want to go to.
Also, while out-patient treatment is less expensive and less life-affecting that in-patient since you won’t be staying at the facility, you should choose a program that keeps you there as a patient at least through the detox period. A good addiction treatment center will help you get through withdrawal as painlessly as possible so you’re less tempted to give up.

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