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Finding the right drug treatment center can be a challenge when you’re ready to overcome your drug addiction. Very often, cost is a major issue in finding a facility. Many people have health insurance that does pay at least part of the in-patient treatment for drug addiction. But those policies typically limit the facilities you can choose from. There may be only one in a geographical area where its plan holders can go to start drug treatment.
Unfortunately, every drug treatment center may not be right for everyone. Just like each person’s addiction is different, each center approaches that addiction in a unique way. While two centers may follow the same basic plan of treatment, they probably won’t have the same results. A different atmosphere can sometimes make all the difference in an addict’s treatment.
When the drug treatment center that’s covered by your insurance plan just doesn’t feel like a good fit, then it can seem like it might have best not to go into treatment at all. But any drug treatment center is better than none, particularly during the first few days after you stop using drugs. The detox period, as its known, is the period of time when you stop using and your body and mind start experiencing withdrawal symptoms.
It’s this period of time that is the reason most people who try to overcome addictions on their own fail at it and go back to using. The symptoms typically include things like depression, nervousness, tremors, feeling sick, aches and pains and a strong craving for the drug.
But symptoms can be more severe in some cases, with some people experiencing hallucinations, mental confusion, violent outbursts, vomiting, shortness of breath, palpitations, drops or elevations in blood pressure and even seizures. Someone with a long-term, severe addiction may need medical treatment to get through this period safely.
Because detox is so uncomfortable and difficult, many people who try to go it alone without the assistance of the staff at a drug treatment center never get through the symptoms. They give in and use the drug to stop the pain and the feelings they have. In a center, you’re monitored and typically helped with medication and other techniques to limit the amount of discomfort and physical symptoms you feel during withdrawal.
This can help get people through detox who could not have made it on their own. A drug treatment center can make a huge difference in a person’s ability to get drug free and stay that way. Those without insurance may resist going into treatment because of the cost, and some people simply can’t afford it.
For those whose income is below a certain level, most states offer basic insurance that would pay for a short stay in a drug treatment center. For those who make too much for such programs, they should consider the price of their health and somehow try to afford even a short stay in a drug treatment center to help them at least get through withdrawal.

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