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Drug Rehab Center

A drug rehab center is the best place to go when you’re ready to overcome an addiction to drugs. Centers that treat you for drug addiction are different than those that treat you for alcoholism. The same facility might treat both kinds of addiction, but the programs are different because the addictions are a bit different and need to be dealt with individually.
Sometimes people fighting drug and alcohol addictions can be in the same group counseling programs or meetings, but the dynamics of the addictions are different. A drug rehab center is designed to meet the specific needs of people who are trying to break their addiction to drugs.
Some drug rehab centers are broken down into more specific groups, because different drugs pose different sets of problems for people who are addicted. Someone who feels addicted to marijuana for example, is going to have a different set of needs and problems to be addressed than someone who is addicted to heroin or meth.
While addiction itself has similar dynamics among all groups, some drug addictions are easier to overcome than others. A special group just for meth addicts is going to go over some different territory than those addicted to cocaine or marijuana.
A drug rehab center will often have varying lengths of stay. A meth addict is more likely to stay for an extended period of time than another addict because of the great difficulty most people have in overcoming meth addiction. Someone who enters drug rehab to get free of marijuana or cocaine may stay for a much shorter time.
Some drug rehab centers also have outpatient programs, where people simply come each day or on certain days for therapy and treatment and then go back home. While this approach does work for some people, it works less well for others. The more severe and long-term the addiction, the less likely outpatient treatment is to work.
Usually, outpatient treatment is part of the overall plan of the drug rehab center. A person who is addicted comes to the center and is monitored very carefully for the first few days during what’s known as the detox period. Some people actually come to drug rehab already in a detox period because they’ve stopped using and they realize they need to help to stay clean. Others haven’t gone very long with using drugs and begin detox after they arrive.
Detox brings with it withdrawal, which are mental and physical symptoms of withdrawing from the drug use. As a person’s body goes without the drug, a variety of symptoms result, and some of them can be severe. It’s best to go through this period in the safety of a drug rehab center, in case the physical symptoms require medical treatment.
This withdrawal and detox period can last several days, but usually lasts from two to four. After that, treatment begins. And once a person has completed a course of treatment, they leave the drug rehab center but come back regularly for ongoing outpatient treatment to help them stay free of their addiction.

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