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Drug Detox

Drug detox is often the hardest part of getting free of a drug addiction. This is the period where the person stops using drugs, and the body starts to get rid of the drugs. It’s a difficult but necessary step in fighting a drug addiction. While some people may think they can go to classes or groups like Narcotics Anonymous and benefit from them while they’re still using, a person can’t make decisions and see things clearly the same way when they’re being affected by drugs as they can once they’ve gotten them out of their system.
Drug detox is the whole period of time when you’re getting those drugs and poisons out of your system. Many people go through this period on their own by simply choosing to stop using drugs. Detox is a difficult period because of the withdrawal and its symptoms that begin as soon as your body doesn’t get the drugs it’s expecting to have. Those who get through this period successfully are much more likely to be able to continue without using drugs.
It’s much safer and easier to go through drug detox in a treatment facility. That’s because you don’t know how severe your withdrawal symptoms will be. They could be mild, especially if you don’t use large amounts of drugs or haven’t been using them for very long. But even mild withdrawal can make you feel ill enough and uncomfortable enough that it’s very difficult not to give in and use the drugs just for some relief.
If you’ve been using the drug for a long time or you tend to use large amounts of the drug when you do use, the detox period is going to be even more difficult. It may even be necessary for you to be monitored during withdrawal for your own health and safety, because the symptoms can become very serious.
Often, people aren’t just addicted to one drug, but instead they use both the drug and alcohol or a combination of different drugs with or without alcohol. This makes drug detox even more difficult and riskier because different substances tend to show different symptoms during withdrawal. The person in detox may be bombarded with physical symptoms and mental symptoms that are so overwhelming that they could not refrain from using a drug if they weren’t in a treatment facility where it’s impossible to do so.
If you go through drug detox in a treatment facility, it will be much easier than if you do it on your own. That’s because there are therapies and medications available that can help you experience fewer uncomfortable symptoms. You will experience strong cravings for the drugs or the alcohol, but symptoms like pain, tremors, nausea and other physical symptoms can be managed with a variety of medications. Counseling can also help ease the mental distress.
Only once all traces of the drugs are out of the system after drug detox is a person ready to begin serious treatment and start understanding why they felt the need to use to the point of addiction in the first place.

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